Heart Failure

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Heart Failure Clinic

The Cardiorenal Center (CRC) team will care for your heart failure. We offer support during HF exacerbations and can give IV diuretics. We ensure you are treated with guideline directed medical therapies in order to have best quality of life. By helping patients understand and manage their HF diagnosis, we help lower the chance of admission to the hospital and further health complications. We work with your primary cardiologist, putting you in the center of care.

What to expect when at the clinic

A typical clinic visit includes:

  • A review of your medical history and a physical examination with a HF specialized nurse practitioner.
  • If necessary, an adjustment of cardiac medications.
  • Blood work to check the function of the kidneys and electrolyte levels.
  • Personalized education about the signs and symptoms of HF, self-care, diet and fluid management techniques.
  • Connecting with clinic resources.
  • Collaboration with your entire care team of providers and
  • Close follow up with clinic.

Patients experiencing HF symptoms can be seen within 24 to 72 hours in the clinic and maybe given intravenous (IV) medications to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.

The Cardiorenal Center teams provides an excellent support system for patients with HF and their families.